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The HTC Vive arrives at Opposable VR

The HTC Vive arrives at Opposable VR

We’re really happy to reveal that today we received two HTC Vive dev kits directly from Valve. The Vive VR set-up is perhaps the most advanced of the current pool of VR Head-Mounted Displays, so we're pleased to be able to begin work with them. The Vive uses a unique 'lighthouse' system that allows for some impressive positional tracking among other amazing advances. Requiring an open space to operate properly, it's not the most practical of HMDs, but it's looking to be one of the best.

We broke the news of our two news Vives over on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, where our marketing team got a little excited; in fact, you can watch Dan Page unbox one of our Vive dev kits. The Vive could unlock a lot of doors for us here at Opposable; we're really keen to get the device up and running to see what we can do with it. Expect some fantastic stuff.

 As an aside, the story was also picked up by virtual reality news site VRFocus, who chose to speculate on the possibilities of the technology when paired with Opposable Game's Salvaged.

We'll undoubtedly have more to reveal in relation to the HTC Vive as time goes on, so watch this space.

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